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 L'Acoustica is a new Scottish sonic folk/soul trio formed by Bryan Tolland, Noel Bridgeman and Carl Bridgeman.  The name is derived from the acoustic roots of the music, with the L' being a reference to the French Dominican heritage of Noel and Carl's family.

Del Amitri co-founder Bryan, (recently guesting in Scottish pop legends "The Bluebells"), became friends with lead vocalist Noel after they worked on a number of educational and music therapy projects together.  Completing the line-up is Carl Bridgeman, genius of the acoustic bass, (well, every type of bass playing actually), who also happens to be Noel's identical twin brother.

After a number of live appearances, including the recent Glasgow School of Art concert for the launch of the Steven Campbell Trust, (which raised an incredible £28,000), the fantastic audience reactions encouraged L'Acoustica to begin work on their debut album.

Entitled 'A Cure For Serpents', the eleven song set will comprise 3 songs from each member of L'Acoustica, together with their signature cover of David Bowie's 'Oh You Pretty Things', and their show stopping acapella version of Neil Diamond's 'Red Red Wine'. The album title comes from an obscure book of diaries which Bryan read, detailing an African doctor's work in the early 20th century.  All illnesses were allegedly caused by 'Serpents', so 'A Cure For Serpents' is a metaphor for an antidote to all your troubles and worries - everyone will feel better after hearing it!

Bryan Tolland Noel Bridgeman


Noel Bridgeman - Lead vocals, guitar
Bryan Tolland - Guitar, backing vocals
Carl Bridgeman - Bass guitar, backing vocals

L'Acoustica made their live broadcasting debut playing on the BBC Radio Scotland 'Janice Forsyth' show in June 2010. Other notable (no pun intended!) performances include a performance at the Gaelic Voices event at the CCA Glasgow in August 2010, the launch of the 'Green Room' studio in Glasgow in December 2010, a charity fundraising concert for the Scottish Mountain Rescue Society in March 2011 and a concert performance at the launch of the 'West End Festival' at the Kibble Palace in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens in June 2011.

Bryan has also recently finished co-producing and playing on the 'Speyside Sessions' album, the Scottish music collective fronted by famed and acclaimed Scots actor Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, Trainspotting, Rome.) Production duties were shared with Nicholas Lloyd-Webber (son of Andrew) and his composer colleague James D Reid. Playing duties were shared with a cast of dozens! Summer tour and TV documentary being planned, details to follow. Find out more at the Speyside Sessions on Facebook.

A Cure for Serpents - New album from L'Acoustica

Fresh from their 'House Band' duties at Guy Cowan and Iain Robertson's star-studded Charity Burns Event for the Cot Death Trust, "L'Acoustica" launch their debut album "A Cure For Serpents" on Sunday Feb 2nd at OranMor in Glasgow. This is the last night of Celtic Connections 2014, and also features US country legend Jace Everett and his excellent band, who are visiting Scotland in support of their 5th studio album.
The live music starts at 7.30pm.

"A Cure For Serpents" is available to order now from this website in CD form, and is on iTunes from Feb 3rd 2014.

For more information contact mail@lacoustica.com